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About the Dentist in Port Charlotte, Florida

Sensitive Dentistry Donna L. Smolinski, a dental office in Port Charlotte, Florida, is committed to providing you the highest level of care for all of your dental needs. We provide the expert care of Donna L. Smolinski, an experienced dentist who understands the need for "sensitive dentistry."

Dental Education

Dr. Donna's dental education began with an A.A.S. Degree in Dental Hygiene from Erie Community College in Buffalo, New York. While practicing as a hygienist in various dental offices throughout multiple states, Donna experienced firsthand the callous, mechanical delivery of care that is often the norm in the industry. Vowing to improve the system from within, she committed to becoming a dentist while balancing a life as a naval officer's wife and mother of two small children.

This meant taking dental school prerequisite courses in three different states and seeking admission to a dental school that was nearby to her husband's duty station in Charleston, South Carolina. Despite her husband's deployments and even a category 4 hurricane that ravaged her home, Dr. Donna graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina with multiple awards for academic and clinical excellence.



Considerate Care

While most graduating dentists would normally either become employees or buy existing practices, Dr. Donna was determined to achieve her goal of independent practice with utmost speed. Just six months after she graduated, Sensitive Dentistry was born. She gave careful consideration to this name.

She is especially sensitive to those who have experienced disagreeable dental care elsewhere. She strives to educate patients on their condition and listen to their concerns. She uses only the highest quality materials in her practice and lives by the adage, "treat people like you want to be treated."

Humanizing the Field

For the last several years, Dr. Smolinski has continued with her desire to better the profession from within by participating in Florida's Dental Examination board. As best she can, she tries to "humanize" the process for dentists seeking licensure in this state, helping these candidates to understand the need for "sensitive dentistry" wherever they plan to practice.

Good for the Planet

The latest addition to the Sensitive Dentistry concept is to implement modifications to the practice that minimize its impact on our surroundings. In her personal life, she has embraced solar energy, employed rainwater harvesting, recycled extensively, adopted hybrid electric transportation, and even installed artificial turf so that no more harmful chemicals can run off into our waterways. She has now instituted eco-sensitive dentistry in her practice.

Life's Passions

Beyond the practice, Dr. Donna enjoys life as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Her passions include cooking, gardening and decorating. Her aesthetic touches, as well as her husband's photography, make a visit to her dental office a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

At Sensitive Dentistry Donna L. Smolinski, a dental office in Port Charlotte, Florida, our mission is taking care of you and taking care of the planet. While doing so, we will focus our efforts in offering and providing only the most compassionate dental care of the highest possible quality.

Positive & Supportive

At our dental office, we strive to increase the health and well-being of each and every one of our patients, while preserving and improving the environment in which we all live. Our office atmosphere and the attitude of all our staff will be positive and supportive, while tending to our patients' dental needs. We are committed to upholding a pleasant, clean, and safe office environment for everyone including patients, staff, and guests. We wish all who enter our doors to feel comforted and welcomed.

Committed to Patients & the Planet

We are committed to a dental practice that values both outstanding patient and planetary care. We recognize that as dental professionals, we make decisions every day that affect our patients' health as well as the health of our Earth. As such, we pledge to consider the environmental impact of our practice's use of and choices in:

• Dental Processes & Materials
• Office Administration & Marketing
• Office Construction, Dental Equipment, Office Design, & Furnishings
• Office Energy Conservation & Usage

Making Positive Choices We Are Committed to the Environment:
• Rethink decisions and wherever possible, choose the healthiest and most environmentally sound options (e.g. choosing BPA-free and mercury-free
  restorations, using digital radiography, steam-sterilization methods versus chemical sterilization techniques, repainting the office with non-toxic paints,
  installing an amalgam separator which protects our waterways and all life that relies upon it).
• Reduce the environmental impact of our practice (e.g. installing and using photovoltaic solar panels to provide our own clean energy source, as well as
  lowering energy consumption by converting light fixtures to energy-efficient fluorescents or LED fixtures). 
• Reuse or re-purpose whatever we can (e.g. reusing lab boxes, utilizing washable lab coats and uniforms versus disposable varieties).
• Recycle whatever we can on our own, even though our community does not provide this service to businesses (e.g. recycling office magazines, copy paper,
  cardboard boxes, plastic and containers, implementing the use of sustainable or reusable options throughout the office).

We pledge to:
• Demonstrate leadership by sharing "best practices" and innovations with other eco-friendly local businesses. 
• Educate our team and our patients about environmentally sound practices. 
• Support suppliers who offer environmentally sound products and services – especially those local to our own community. 

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